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£395 (ONLINE)
in person sessions available

Many startups launch with shaky foundations, leading to stress, overwhelm, and ultimately, a bumpy ride for everyone. Wasted time, wasted resources, and discouragement are all too common.

Break the Cycle with Pre-Launch Power Up.

I help ambitious businesses like yours build a solid operational foundation from the ground up.

Launch confidently and avoid the pitfalls that plague many startups. 



Pre-Launch Power Up is your Personalised Launch Roadmap:

The Launch Blueprint: Forget generic templates. We create a customised operational roadmap tailored to your unique business, outlining essential systems and processes for key functions.

Prioritisation Powerhouse: Not all tasks are created equal. I help you to identify which processes are crucial for launch and which can wait, ensuring you focus your energy on high-impact areas.

Streamlined Success: I'll recommend tools to automate tasks and streamline operations. This leads to smoother workflows and efficient execution on launch day and beyond.

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