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An image of Pip, the founder of OperationExcel. She is sat with her laptop and smiling in to the camera.

My name's Pip & I'm as exhausted by generic business advice as you are!


I've spent 100's of hours attending webinars, devouring ebooks, and listening to gurus. But the common feeling afterwards: frustration.


The "hacks" and strategies never quite fit, leaving my problems, well, still problems.


That's why I created OperationExcel.


Every business deserves personalised solutions, tailored to your unique goals and the way you work.


Forget one-size-fits-all formulas – I help you to build a solid operational core that keeps your business running efficiently and drives sustainable growth. ​​​



For over 5 years, I've witnessed the agility of early-stage businesses. However, this agility can be costly. 


Half-baked processes and overworked generalists juggling everything can lead to a reliance on "hope for the best."​​

Believe me, I get it.​​

There's a mountain of information out there, but it rarely addresses the critical operations that will keep


business running smoothly.

That's where OperationExcel comes in.


My approach is about you and building a business that excels – one that gets better, faster, and stronger in the right way.​


Ready to ditch the advice overload?

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